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Steve Pride, Director & Host
Steve Pride is a five-time winner of the prestigious Golden Mike Award and a veteran of Sirius Radio, WUCF 89.9 FM Orlando, WDBO 96.5 FM Winter Park, & WMFE 90.7 FM Orlando.  A member of the Los Angeles Press Club, the Association of Independents in Radio and serves on the Board of Directors of the D.C.-based The Association of LGBT Journalists. He has been with IMRU since 1995 and has produced over 500 features for the show.

A former Walt Disney World character, singer/dancer, improv coach, tap teacher, equity actor, and professional stand-up comedian; Steve is currently working to finish his first novel “Chasing Peter”.

Abby Dees, Co-Host & Contributor
Abby Dees has worked as a writer, editor, columnist, civil rights attorney and host for IMRU radio. Most recently Abby wrote the nationally syndicated bi-weekly column, “Thinking Out Loud,” an offshoot of her 2012 book, Queer Questions, Straight Talk. Abby was the staff attorney and interim director for what is now known as the Center for Health Justice in Los Angeles, advocating for the rights of HIV+ and at-risk inmates. She has also worked for the LA HIV and AIDS Legal Services Alliance, the Eviction Defense Department for the Legal Aid Foundation, as an editor for St. Lynn’s Press, and for the Freedom to Write program at PEN Center USA.

Abby is currently working on a book about freedom of speech in the U.S., travels every chance she gets, sings & plays guitar and is a closet expert on the Beatles. She lives in South Pasadena with her partner, Traci (who she married in the first available window in ’08), four cats, and one rescue dog, in proper lesbian fashion.
Wenzel Jones, Co-Host & Contributor
Wenzel Jones is a late-comer to the glamorous world of radio, and would still like to imagine that every Monday night homes from Santa Barbara to San Diego come to a hushed halt as everyone gathers around the wireless in the parlor to hear what IMRU has to report from the LGBTQ world. Before this, he was part of the Profession That Dare Not Speak Its Name, that of theatre critic, a world in which one discovers that the English is a language rich in the ways of excoriation but meager when it comes to praise. Consensus among the acting community was that if you were in a seriously misguided production, you wanted Wenzel to review it because that may be the most amusing part of the experience. Unlike every other person in Los Angeles, there is no book of screenplay being wrought, and if there is grant money available for keeping it that way he would very much like to know about it.


Miss Barbie-Q, Co-Host & Contributor
IMRU’s “Queen of Downtown”, Miss Barbie-Q was one of 2011’S Hot 25 (Frontiers LA) and Best DTLA Personality of 2012 by Or maybe you’ve bumped into “Miss B” in recent appearances on Comedy Central’s Tosh.O, Logo’s The Eastsiders, Amazon’s “Transparent”-inspired docuseries “This Is Me” or in the major motion picture “Leave It On the Floor” where the Hollywood Reporter discovered her as “an emerging force of nature”

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Michelle-Marie Gilkeson, Show Director & Contributor


Matt McLaughlin, Asst. Show Director, Contributor & IT Support

A native of Topsfield, MA – home of the Topsfield Fair,  America’s oldest agricultural fair (not that he’s bragging) – Matt McLaughlin followed the scent of Coppertone and every alluring pop-cultural reference from “Three’s Company” to “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” to Los Angeles in late 1995 and has made his home on Venice’s Abbot Kinney Blvd. since WAY before it was disgustingly hip.

Born pre-email era, McLaughlin has managed to find moderate success in the technology sector while simultaneously nurturing his creative impulses just enough to keep persistent night terrors of underachievement at bay.  His lifelong love of music has led him across the states on occasion as band roadie and he’s cut his own chops as guitarist in political queercore band Best Revenge and as Bearlinda in his first ever all-gay tribute band “The Gay-Gay’s – the All-Gay-Male Go-Go’s Celebration.” Recent reduction of his extracurricular activities to one full-time job at Ticketmaster has provided time for philanthropic engagements such as serving on the board for Overnight Productions as well as switching hats between IT specialist and show director for IMRU Radio Magazine on KPFK 90.7 FM.  McLaughlin recently named 2017 “His Year” with no further clarification.

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  1. As a straight ally and a Japanese American, I love IMRU and yes, I bang my head to your intro…though I am a Rush (the band folks) fan.

    Thank you for a great show

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