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The original IMRU Collective formed in September of 1974 after volunteers responded to flyers KPFK left at the Gay Community Services Center seeking gay male programmers interested in producing a new gay themed show on the station (replacing GAY AT HEART when host “Morning Glory” left LA). Greg Gordon, Enrich Murrello, and Colin McQueen answered the call and began producing THE GREAT GAY RADIO CONSPIRACY at 11pm the 3RD Tuesday of the every month. Soon the Gay Radio Collective had expanded to include lesbians, moved to Sunday at 10pm and was being broadcast three times a month (LESBIAN SISTERS still holding on to the first Sunday each month) and in February of 1975 THE GREAT GAY RADIO CONSPIRACY changed its moniker to the one it still answers to 36 years later… I-M-R-U. It became a weekly KPFK fixture on Monday nights in 1995.

Since 1983 the IMRU Radio Collective has worked under the auspices of OVERNIGHT PRODUCTIONS (TAX ID #95-3786721) a California 501c Non-Profit founded to promote Civil Rights, Social Action, and Advocacy for the LGBT Community via Radio Production. Besides IMRU, Overnight Productions is responsible for the internationally syndicated THIS WAY OUT, now heard on over 200 stations around the world every week.  Today, many of the features produced for IMRU also air on THIS WAY OUT and vice-versa.

IMRU has received numerous Community and professional Broadcasting Awards over the years, including at least ten (10) Golden Mike Awards from the Radio & Television News Association of Southern California and a Silver Reel Award from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters.

Although the collective structure was dissolved by a self-appointed “Executive Producer” in 2004, a volunteer “rebellion” in 2010 restored the show to its roots as a community based consensus driven group.

IMRU COLLECTIVE 1982: Front row from left, Alissa Millman, Kim Wilson, Debi Fidler, Marney Ann Hall, Josy Catoggio, middle row, Anthony Price, Art Aratin, George Atkinson, Helene Rosenbluth, Greg Gordon, back row, David Hunt, Daal Praderas and David Fradkin.

June 26, 1983: IMRU’s David Hunt interviewing the always enlightening Morris Kight at the Christopher Street West parade.

June 19, 1983: IMRU’s David Fradkin at the KPFK Gay Day concert.

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  1. I am curious. My friend Robert Orndorff was one of IMRU founding members. Your history seems incomplete without the mentioning of those involved in its creation

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