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IMRU SHOW 03/12/2018: Terry Sweeney and Joey Terrill

On IMRU Radio 3/12: The Honest Tea with Abby & Wenzel + On Pride Out Loud with Steve Pride, the hilarious Terry Sweeney (The first Out Gay Actor on TV, best known for his mid 80’s impersonation on SNL of then-First Lady Nancy Reagan, he’s since written 2 books, co-written the 1989 movie SHAG! and was a writer for 5 years on MadTV.) + On Dan Guerrero’s The Gaytino Report: Joey Terrill (Visual artist and pioneering Chicano/LGBTQ activist).

IMRU SHOW 03/05/2018: Andre Aciman, Dolores Huerta & Charles Busch


IMRU Radio 03/05/2018: Abby Dees and Wenzel Jones with the HONEST TEA (News) + Vash Boddie with TALK TO VASH: Charles Busch (Psycho Beach Party, Die Mommie Die) + Steve Pide with PRIDE OUT LOUD: André Aciman (Author of the novel “Call Me By Your Name”) + Dan Guerrero with THE GAYTINO REPORT: Dolores Huerta (Co-Founder, United Farm Workers; Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient)