IMRU SHOW 03/12/2018: Terry Sweeney and Joey Terrill

On IMRU Radio 3/12: The Honest Tea with Abby & Wenzel + On Pride Out Loud with Steve Pride, the hilarious Terry Sweeney (The first Out Gay Actor on TV, best known for his mid 80’s impersonation on SNL of then-First Lady Nancy Reagan, he’s since written 2 books, co-written the 1989 movie SHAG! and was a writer for 5 years on MadTV.) + On Dan Guerrero’s The Gaytino Report: Joey Terrill (Visual artist and pioneering Chicano/LGBTQ activist).

IMRU SHOW 03/05/2018: Andre Aciman, Dolores Huerta & Charles Busch


IMRU Radio 03/05/2018: Abby Dees and Wenzel Jones with the HONEST TEA (News) + Vash Boddie with TALK TO VASH: Charles Busch (Psycho Beach Party, Die Mommie Die) + Steve Pide with PRIDE OUT LOUD: André Aciman (Author of the novel “Call Me By Your Name”) + Dan Guerrero with THE GAYTINO REPORT: Dolores Huerta (Co-Founder, United Farm Workers; Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient)

IMRU SHOW 180205 : John Griffiths, The Gaytino Report, Brown & Out IV

Spilling the Tea with Abby & Wenzel + GALECA: The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics (John Griffiths, Founder AND Executive Director of GALECA) + An encore of Dan Guerrero’s 1st Gaytino Report (featuring Carlos Samaniego and Natalia Melende of Mariachi Arcoiris de Los Angeles) + Brown & Out IV: An LGBTQ Short Play Festival at CASA 0101 Theater (featuring  Edward Padilla, Board of Directors President, CASA 0101 Theater; Corky Dominguez, Playwright, Director and Producer of Brown & Out IV; Maia Villa, and Moises Castro, Actors in Brown & Out IV)


IMRU’s Queer Holiday Music Playlist 2017

  • Show Open (Abby, Wenzel, Steve, Matty)
  • If I Were A Fairy (Dora Bryan)
  • TV CLIP (Will & Grace)
  • Walking In a Winter Wonderland (Julian Clary)
  • Cactus Christmas (Brian Seltzer Orchestra)
  • TV CLIP (All In The Family)
  • Disco Santa (Holiday Express)
  • Christmas Rhapsody (Pledge Drive & One of Each)
  • IMRU Show ID (Armistead Maupin)
  • Hanukkah in Santa Monica (LA Gay Mens Chorus))
  • Christma-Hannu-Kwanzaa-Ka (Christmas Queens)
  • Jingle Bells Medly (Betty)
  • I’m Thinking Of Myself This Christmas (Dame Edna)
  • Gay On Christmas (Tom Goss)
  • Peace On Earth / Little Drummer Boy (Anthony Rapp & Everett Bradley)
  • Ring Bells (Laura Wetzler)
  • We Three Queers (Choral Majority)
  • KPFK/IMRU Show ID (Margaret Cho)
  • Winter Wonderland (Deian McBryde & Tracy Stark)
  • Baby, It’s Cold Outside (Alan Cumming & Liza Minnelli)
  • Frosty the Snowman (Kiki & Herb)
  • Self-Esteem (Kinsey Sicks)
  • Wishing You A Drag Queen Christmas (B.D. Wong)
  • Snowfolk / Dreidle Jingle Fiasco (Betty)
  • IMRU Show ID (Clive Barker)
  • An Old-Fashioned Lesbian Christmas (Amy Mills, Mary K. Butler, Valerie Clark & Janey Hall)
  • Christmas Baby Please Come Home (Rosie O’Donnell & Cher)
  • Dreydel Song (El Vez)
  • TV CLIP: Merry Little Christmas (Judy Garland Christmas Special)
  • SHOW CLOSE (Abby, Wenzel, Steve, Matty)
  • Camp Up Your Christmas (4 Poofs & a Piano)